Curated Blogging Tips For 2013

curated bloggingToday I have read Ryan Deiss’s “Authority Hacks Report”, and according to him, conventional blogging as such doesn’t work any more and it should be replaced with combination of content curation and authority blogging. I decided to put that theory to the test with this curated post about blogging tips for 2013.

Top Blogging Tips for 2013

Top Blogging Tips for 2013! ( – Continuing in 2013 blogging is the key to achieving fresh content for your website.

10 Real-Talk Blog Tips ( – If you’re a new blogger, aspiring blogger, or frustrated blogger, allow me to offer you a different perspective: it’s not all cat-eye, DIY, and stacked cookies (although sometimes it is, and that’s cool too).

Top 10 Quick Blogging Tips to Help You Succeed in 2013 ( – As a blogger myself I know that starting a blog is easy, but taking it too the next level and making money from it is difficult. I’ve seen bloggers FAILED because they don’t follow the right people and don’t use the right strategies, so If you’ve just started a blog than take a look at the top 10…

10 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Content Robot ( – The difficult thing about blogging is that there are no intermediate or advanced blogging courses. Everything’s about getting you started. So while continuing education in the traditional sense is difficult, you can learn by reading.

Read other blogs and notice what you like about the writing. Find ways to incorporate it into your own style. It’s a great way to make sure you’re staying sharp as a writer.

Top 10 SEO Tips For Bloggers in 2013 ( – Do you know video blogging can change your blogging style. Yes, Video has more potentials than images and text content. So if you can make videos for your blog then you’d always be given extra advantages by search engines. Videos attract search engines to index the entire page.

Juѕt like PageRank ranks webpages, AuthorRank wіll rank authors. Google+ profiles аrе essential fоr this. Thіѕ way, spam wіll be reduced, аnd people whо write quality content wіll rise tо thе top. It won’t matter іf thеу аrе beginners оr veterans. And also, thеіr AuthorRank wіll impact thеіr PageRank. Sо start working оn уоur AuthorRank, аnd create quality content.

This type of blogging I call curated blogging and if it’s done right curated blogging can help get your blog much needed internet traffic.



  1. Hey Dragutin, this is my first time to your blog – like what I see so far. Thanks for sending me this way through linking to my post on top 10 quick blogging tips for 2013.


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